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or will be soon we'll help you find a plan that fits your needs. call or go online now to get answers. officer today. the intimtate swearing in cerems ahead of all the pomp and circumse tomorrow. weather ad libs 01:01:11;01: suhr - it's gog ((butt to)) president obama formally begins his second term in office. the s.r. money ahead of the pomp and circumstance tomorrow. a beautiful day. plenty of sun around the day. a chilly start and maybe wet next week. the forecast in a minute. >> it will be a great game.
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>> high expectations from san francisco. the san francisco 49ers are one game away from the super bowl. >> and it is 8:30 a.m. on sunday, january january 20th. thank you for joining us. i am anne makovec. >> and i am phil matier. we have a lot of new to cover in the next hour. the council member, the latest addition to the group will be here. >> and we will be talking to the housing market as housing prices finally started to rise. what does that mean for sellers and buyers? we have an expert in the studio to discuss that. plus so many things going on. the big game, the 49ers, and the mavericks at moon bay. we will preview it for you. >> and president obama officially begins his second term just before 9:00 a.m. this morning. >> yes. >> he will have a private ceremony and swearing in. the public swearing in the tomorrow. >> on the latest poll according
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to cbs news new york times he is heading into his 2nd term with a preview rating of 51%. his highest rating was 68% in april of 2009. so, vice president biden was sworn in for his second term earlier this morning. supreme court justice sonia sotomayor administered the oath at the naval observetory. that is the vice president's official residents. tomorrow he will take the oath again with people looking on from the national mall. the moments such as president obama's inauguration tomorrow is crucial on social media. but we have more on how all the sharing may create cell phone gridlock. it is the picture everyone will want to capture. president obama swearing in for a second term. and cell phone providers are gearing up for those coming with cameras and smartphones in
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hand. >> everybody wants to post pictures so their family cans see that they were here. people want to check the weather. people want to check out the transit system is doing and all those capabilities are done through apps on their smartphones or tablets. >> reporter: it will be a smaller crowd than the historic 1.8 million people who watched his first inauguration , but hundreds of thousands will ascend on the nation's capital on monday. try posting your photos on facebook and it may be slow going. >> you will experience slow data speeds because everybody is trying to do the same thing. they want to be able to talk and send their pictures and text messages. >> reporter: cell phone providers are hoping to prevent service disruptions like four years ago and putting cell towers like these around the national mall to handle the crowd. more people will likely be coming with more than one device.
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>> it is the last inauguration. we built additional permanent sites that serve the area. we have added capacity to existing cell sites and added temporary locations like what we have here. >> reporter: service providers also put up temporary towers at other big events like the super bowl and nascar races. the extra cell towers also insure communication for emergency responders. >> thank you. more star power on tap for this year's inauguration, as well. >> we will have a little pop in the pomp. lady gaga will be perfectlying. she will sing at tuesday's ball for the president's staffers. this is typically a private affair and lady gaga may perform an especially ored number, however, similar to what jay-z did four years ago when he added his own lyrics at the same event. and closer to home, the bay station is up and running after a shooting yesterday killed a man around noon at the
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nation's bus loading zone. bart shut down the station after the shooting happened and it reopened around 7:00 last night. according to officers, it looks like two small groups were involved in the shooting, possiblibly shooting each other. a 40-year-old man was caught in the cross fire and killed. another woman was taken to the hospital, expected to live. and officers arrested one suspect, a 16-year-old. p.m. are looking for at least three more and they did interview witnesses and will look at surveillance video. a winter weather advisory has issued a high surf condition from sonoma to the san mateo coast. it could also mean prime conditions for the mavericks competition. world class sunshine offers are in the world right now at half- moon bay hoping to catch waves as high at 30 feet. spectators will not be allowed
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to watch the competition from the beach after a strong wave injured people in 2010. the 49ers, of course, one game away from the super bowl. san francisco has to win the championship game against the falcons in the apl. >> we are less than five hours away from kick-off. vern glen shows us not only have the 49ers arrived in georgia, but so have the 49er faithful. . just practicing my collin capper nicking. that is what he does after he scores touchdowns. look at the 49ers fans in atlanta. they are already trying to perfect it.
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>> reporter: the 49ers are going to win sunday because of why? >> because justin smith will do his thing and the rest have to do their thing. if they do what they did last week, the defense steps up, the offense will step up like last week and we will be all right. >> not quite the kaepernick tattoo, but this will do. all they want is one more trip to new orleans and super bowl xlvii. in atlanta, vern glen, cbs 5. >> and for more on the 49ers post season coverage and our own kaepernicking photos, if you are interested go to m/sports. well, people are gathering in washington, d.c. for the
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inauguration and this weekend people are also talking about gun control. >> oakland and california has strong gun control laws. i see teenagers with ak-47s on the streets. >> and what the city of oakland need to do to keep our own streets safe, next. >> i answer phones and get lunch for my boss. >> one way to pay your way through college, but there is another trend growing for cash strapped students, a website that connects them to a sugar daddy. >> a little deep freeze to start your sunday morning but we will recover with highs in the 60s and plenty of sun around. there are the numbers. we will see you after the break. ,,,, ,,,,,,
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college, making expresser drinks, other things that help you pay your tuition, well, the new definition my involve sugar daddies. the vend is picking up at a couple of universities in northern california. >> i work phones and get lunches for my boss. >> as college tuitions climb, more and more students are looking for better paying job with a different kind of boss. >> reporter: nationwide, hundreds of thousands of coeds are looking for a sugar daddy, an older man who will pay their way through school. >> this is a dating website. it is like having a boyfriend who is wealthy. >> reporter: that is how this founder describes it. the sugar baby says in addition to tuition, she has gotten car, trips and jewelry, and
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in return she gives them -- . >> sex. >> i feel like it is degrading, not something you are proud to tell me. >> they have 2 million members and coeds make up 44% of the online membership. there are 99% female sugar babies in berkeley. >> if you go to berkeley, you should be smart enough to get a job. >> reporter: uc davis has 93 sugar babies now on campus. the average coed makes about $3,000 a month and the average arrangement can be for months or years and it is not prostitution. >> this is a lifestyle. these people are receiving monetary, financial help from somebody but what they are can giving back is con pan i don't knowship. >> reporter: maybe maybe -- co mpanionship. >> reporter: maybe the world has changed. maybe it is ultimate feminist act, a way of taking care of
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yourself. >> i think it is somewhat degrading, but if a woman who is doing it is comfortable with it and is okay with what is happening, that should be up to them. >> reporter: without passing judgment on the current sugar baby, let me say this. i have two young daughters and i hope they get scholarship to go to college, and if they don't, i can always show them how to carry plates. >> that is outrageous. >> yes. it shows how much we have evolved, or devolved. >> yes. i am not a fan of that. well, on to a brighter note, did you see the sun set yesterday? >> no, but i saw the sunrise today! >> brian, what did you do to get through college? >> i worked at mcdonalds.
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i bought my mg with the money i made. actually, i kid you not, warming buns, that was my job! is that a surprise? [ laughing ] >> everything, no! >> well, you know the temperatures are above freezing in oakland. 27 in santa rosa and 35 in san jose. look at the high surf advisory, the entire coast is under this advisory until 4:00 this afternoon. the wave will be up to 20 feet. strong rip currents. if you are headed to the ocean, have a care. as we look live over san jose, sunny and warmer today. 70 degrees plus in the warmer spots? yes! cooler by tuesday. this front will be coming to the bay area. tuesday will cool down and we probably won't get rain until next weekend. low pressure is in the gulf of alaska, staying there for a while. we will look for sunny and mild conditions in the bay area today. a nice, good day to go for a
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hike. forecast highs we will be looking for them to be in the 60s except for the few location where is it is 70 degrees. out in the east bay we will go with low 60s for the most part. the same will hold true for the north bay. a few mid 60s in sonoma. in the city 61 degrees. in atlanta pretty much the same. 60 at game time with mostly sunny skies this afternoon in atlanta. the extended forecast will go with lots of sunshine right through midweek. a little cooler by wednesday. next week we will be looking for number to come down to well below what we are seeing this morning. maybe a little wet next weekend but in the meantime sunshine. have a good one. >> all right. thank you. well, plenty of talk these days about gun control in washington, d.c. >> that includes political leaders in california. with polls showing half of americans backing stricter gun control laws, the mayor is in washington with the u.s.
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conference of mayors and the inauguration and she says the strong gun laws at the local and state level aren't enough. >> oakland and california have very strong gun control law, but i still have teenagers with ak-47s on the streets because they come in from nevada and by mail. so, we really have to have a national law that requires at least i.d.s checked and criminal backgrounds checked. >> and in oakland the mayor has been lobbying for the hiring of former police chief bill bratten as a consultant. that sparked protest at public meetings. this morning we have brand new city councilman noel guy yo here. >> we asked why so far the city council only approved the contract without bill bratten's name on it? >> as leaders we have to stop being swayed or moved by the political interest at hand at
8:48 am
moment. that is an indication of that. for me chief bratten is as experienced chief and police officer. he is a no nonsense guy. he get to the point and we have to let him develop what he would recommend as the best strategic plan for oakland to could to deal with safety. >> that is probably the lightening rod of the controversy. his plan includes the stop and frisk policy. some police departments are doing that and a lot of people are saying it is subject to racism. you support it? >> i support it. i hear the mayor's comments. talk a lot, but when action has to be taken, they disappear. for me, i need to give every tool to my police officers to do their jobs. the voters in my district made it very clear, even as of last week, noel, your number one seizure is stay focused with public safety.
8:49 am
secondly i want a clean city. that is where i will devote my effort, including making excuses. we have chand mother, children and teenagers losing their lives. not only have we lost our homes but now we are literally losing our lives. i am a citizen. i have paid tax all my life and making excuses now, i have all types of guns but i am not going anything about it. >> stop and frisk is a politically triggered wording. but the fact is the police departments in san francisco and oakland do it. they do stop and searches. >> they have the chp, the california highway patrol in. that is what they are doing, patrolling east and west oakland and pulling cars other and basically frisking them. >> we say with stop and frisk the policy would be to have the
8:50 am
ability to stop and frisk a suspect because you believe the person may be up to something. >> yes. and some of that is going on. we call it targeted enforcement. that is what they talk about. the highway patrol has no problem doing that -- . >> you have to be pulled over initially for something. >> the problem is 23 oakland does it, they get upset so they bring in other agency to do it for them. >> you have to deal with the realities of your neighborhood, right? sometimes the only thing we understand is force. i grew up in that neighborhood and that is safe. my propers and sisters are doing things -- brothers and sisters are doing things, locked up in other places. the reality is i will keep breaking into your home until you push back. that is only thing some of us understand and that is happening in oakland. >> what do you do with the political balancing of it?
8:51 am
whether stop and frisk is profiling or not, it is perceived of it. and if it is going on in oakland and other city, they will tell mayor bratten we will listen to you but not that part if you say it. >> look. the majority of oakland wants to be serious about crime. you have certain individuals at the leadership level that will use race as an excuse, how poor i am as a excuse, use what neighborhoods are as a excuse. but the reality is the common citizen of oakland is tired of being locked up behind their own homes. >> yes. there are a couple other new council people so we will see if they have any affect in changing the culture politically and safety-wise in oakland. a lot of concerns. >> it is a big debate. the next vote is tuesday night. all sides say they will show up and show up in force. it out to be having
8:52 am
interesting. but next we will check in with two long time 49er faithfuls and talk about -- is san francisco the football team it once was? and the football town it once was? >> we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the patriots and ravens will play in the afc championship game for the second year in
8:55 am
. we are taking a live look from washington, d.c. where president obama will be sworn in for the second time. that will happen at the top of the hour. there was the snafu last time where he had to be sworn in again. >> the oath wasn't done right. >> exactly. and the private ceremony is this morning and then they will have the formal public viewing, a replay of the ceremony if you will, tomorrow, the fourth time barack obama is sworn in as president of the united states. >> and meanwhile, as we look at the white house, i worn if he is in there saying okay, let's get things stirred up because the patriots and the raven will be playing the afc championships for the second year in a row today. you may want to watch it. you can watch it at 3:30 on cbs 5 and then we have the 5th quarter afterwards. >> and of course there is the 49er game that is coming up at noon. everybody will be watching that one. there are a lot of big watch partys in the area for today's game against the falcons.
8:56 am
>> that is right. we sat down with two of the biggest 49er plan, the former mayor billy brown and the question is compared to other cities like denver and boston, is san francisco really a football town the way it use to be? >> yes, they are. they just happen to be far more distant from their natural environment. their natural environment was golden gate park, all of the areas. >> had golden days for joe montana and -- . >> no, i disagree. john brodey, gene washington, the ers have been rock solid since the -- the 9ers have been rock solid since the 50s. how many 49ers can walk through the door this morning and be recognized? >> none of them. >> i think a lot of the current
8:57 am
fans don't even harken back to montana and clark & company. so, they are the new 9er fans but there are us old 49er fan that is can talk you back to key czar stadium and the christopher milk seats. >> the game. the falcon game, what do you see? >> i think will it be a great game. the 9ers are a favorite away. the fast track -- they have a horrible problem with running quarterbacks and caber nick showed he is the best -- kaepernick showed he is the the best quarterback to ever play. >> i am worried. there are three receivers in atlanta equal to any receivers you have seen anyone. their numbers are so superior to san francisco numbers. they have two running backs that are really first class. they are not as good as four, but there are two of them that make up for that.
8:58 am
and finally i think that defense is ultimately as good as our defense. i am actually going to light a candle and say a prayer because i want them to win. >> i never disagree with the mayor, and i know somebody has to advocate that the falcon will be there, but i will put you are defense against anybody. they can play with anybody. >> there you go! >> we shall see. >> and inauguration parties happening today in the nation's capital. >> and we will take a look at if ceremony that is go ahead of the pomp and circumstance tomorrow. >> and the housing market is suddenly red hot. what this means for people that are ready to buy now. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the private swearing in cery for president he starts his sd term in office. weather ad libs well, inauguration festivities are under way at the nation's capital. president obama's swearing in i believe has just been completed, ringing in his second term in office. it felt like the economy was starting to turn. at the same time the interest rates kept getting lower and lower. >> taking advantage of a housing boom in the golden state. the sign the housing market is recovering in california and the rest of the country.
9:02 am
welcome back to first coast news at 11:00. it is 9:00 -- cbs 5 eyewitness news. it is 9:00, january january 20th. i am anne makovec. >> and i am phil matier. i just got word that president obama did complete his swearing in. >> yes. he did it before the top of the hour. >> the president just finished his private swearing in ceremony as we just mentioned at the was. supreme court chief justice roberts is there and using the first lady's family bible. here it is. >> i pa rack hussien obama do
9:03 am
solemnly swear. >> that i will faithfully execute. >> the office of the president of the united states and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states so help me god. >> congratulations mr. president. >> thank you mr. chief justice. thank you so much. >> thank you, sweetie. [ applause ] . >> so, begins his second term in office. that moment happened just about five minutes ago in washington, d.c. >> you wonder first-degree he wanted to go i won! hey, i did it. >> he -- you wonder if he just wanted to say i won! i did it! >> yes. he is so busy, never a moment of rest there. >> but a little more partying will go on with the inauguration. hundreds of thousands of people have been showing up for the public swearing in tomorrow. >> that is right and randall pinkston is in washington with
9:04 am
more on all the activity. >> reporter: president obama and vice president biden laid a wreath at arlington national cemetery as tribute to america's fallen troops. at the same time the vice president was officially sworn in. >> duties for which i am about to. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: the public ceremony is tomorrow where half a million people are expected to attend. >> to be here for this historic occasion. i want to pinch myself. how great is this. >> we want to make sure everywhere on the nation mall stays safe, and thousands of troops and police officers are on patrol, trying to disrupt as little as possible. >> there is an immense focus on making sure people are here to enjoy the event and can get in and out without having security being overbearing. >> reporter: the inauguration if necessary,tities began on saturday with the national day of service to honor dr. martin luther king, jr. president
9:05 am
obama stained a bookcase at a elementary school. >> everybody here, adult to children, understands the importance of giving back. >> reporter: last night katy perry, usher and others performed at a kid's inaugural ball honoring military families and their children. the first lady and her daughters were there as michelle obama kicked off three days of parties and ball to celebrate her husband's re- election. randall pinkston, cbs news, washington. meanwhile in international news today, algerian bomb squads found numerous bodies as they search for explosives at a gas plant. algerian special forces raided the plant yesterday to end the standoff with islamic militants. it is said all 32 militant were cleared and it is unclear as whether any hostages were rescueed in the raid. 22 are dead but the number
9:06 am
could rise. and the government is warning about the risk of traveling to that area. there are risks that remain. state and department staff in the country with leave if they want they say. on wednesday secretary of state hillary clinton will testify on the fatal incident in libya. clinton had planned to testify in december but then suffered health problems. >> gun advocates rallied around the country voicing their opinions on strict airplane patrol as being propose. picket signs were brought out interest austin, texas to buffalo, new york. crowds showed their anger at president obama for his federal gun control proposal. and in pacifica more than 200 people rallied against the 2nd amendment. those against stricter firearm
9:07 am
patrol want their voice heard before president obama signs the bill at the end of this month. >> we need the weapons -- . >> reporter: what for? >> to protect ourselves. if a crime is committed, the cops come ten minutes after it is over. >> how many times does it have to happen before we say let's address the key point of the issue to take ability away from the people mentally disturbed to get the weapons. >> a rally in favor of stricter gun control also showed town voice their concerns. meanwhile rescue crews from hawaii found the bodies of two men from san francisco. the 46 and 47-year-olds were exploring the rocks along the coast when a wave pulled bake interior the water. griffith went after him and both men drowned. strong currents pulled six surfers into the dangerous waters near the cliff house yesterday, as well. san francisco and u.s. coast
9:08 am
guard rescue crews were out in ocean beach after the surfers were reported missing at around 12:30. one may have suffered a shoulder inventory but the others appeared to make it back to shore okay. >> and the national weather service has issued another high surf advisory from sonoma to the san mateo county coast, the same conditions posing a danger to people in and out of the water means prime conditions for the mavericks competition. surfers from around the world are in half-moon bay right now hoping to catch waves as high as 30 feet. spectators are not allowed to watch from the beach as strong waves injured people in 2010. and more signs the housing market is raising. construction was up 4% since december, the highest level in four years. and it seems california is actually leading the come back. >> reporter: this couple just
9:09 am
bout their dream home. >> it felt like the economy was starting to turn. at the same time the interest rates kept getting lower and lower. that created a sense of urgency. >> reporter: they are hardly alone. as this development east of los angeles, sales have trippled over the last year. they are now selling homes faster than they can build them. >> this community is hopping. there is a lot of activity. >> reporter: real estate agents say it is a stark contrast to the scene here five years ago when the real estate boom went bust. >> there was a period where this was kind of like a ghost town. >> a good word for it. it was desolate. i did a lot of short sale, helped a lot of people move out of their homes as dream homes and had no where to put them. >> and now it is the opposite. >> absolutely. now we are seeing it come full circle. >> reporter: and the couple hasn't even furnished their four bedroom home with a view, but they have been approached
9:10 am
by people asking are you interested in selling. i go you have to talk to my wife. >> and i say let's move in first. >> reporter: timing is everything. [ laughing ] if they had purchased this home for a much higher interest rate five years ago. >> it would have been in foreclosure. >> foreclosure. >> that could have been us. >> we were there. >> reporter: how does this make you feel about your decision and investment? >> secure. >> great. >> reporter: they may be part of a new dawn in real estate. carter evans, cbs news, azusa, california. closer to home in the bay area, the biggest jump in housing price in a quarter of a century. next, a conversation with a real estate expert. >> last time around there wasn't that much hope. this time there is affirmation. >> to come, our political insiders weigh in on what may
9:11 am
in store in the president's agenda for the next four years in office. >> tomorrow will be sunny. the rest of the country looks a- okay and then something wicked comes. we will tell you more about it after the break. sounds ominous, doesn't it? ,,,,,,,,,,,,
9:12 am
. good morning. we are starting out with sunny skies and high surf advisories.
9:13 am
at the ocean breakers are up to 20 feet. take care. ,,,,,,
9:14 am
tweeted this fan photo . more 49er fans. there we are. okay. we have photo to share with you. sportslab incorporated tweeted this photo to us. that is quite a shot. and karen emailed this photo of 49ers sisters fans. we want to thank everywhere for sharing. you can show us your 49ers pictures and videos, as well at you can also post them on our facebook page. we may end up sharing them with you from the show. >> we are one game away from the super bowl and die hard fans are in atlanta right now. >> the quest for 6. new orleans style. don't give up. >> reporter: you came from utah? >> salt lake city, utah. >> if the 49ers win the game
9:15 am
against the fall tons to the championship, they win a ticket to the super bowl. that game is at noon. thumb is high around the bay -- enthusiasm is high around the bay. >> what was the hottest jersey? >> i don't know. kaepernick. my producers say kaepernick. it has to be somewhere easy call. brian, how are we doing on the weather. >> mostly clear skies. chilly at this point but we will recover to the 60s. if you have the day off tomorrow, night. nice, mild and sunny with temperatures in the 60s. in the bay area 37 degrees at concord. a degree above freezing in santa rosa at the moment. at the airport sfo46 degrees and 42 in san jose. sunny and a little warmer today. some of the warmest spots are 70 degrees, maybe a notch or two warmer than that.
9:16 am
we will begin to cool off by tuesday. high surf advisory is posted. breaker to 20 feet right on shore from the entire bay area from the north to the san mateo coastline in the south, associated with a good strong rip current. high pressure is over the pacific. as long as that stays out there, all the flow to canada and over the queen charlotte and british columbia will be high and dry. the central valley has dense fog advisories posted. 'tis is season for the fog to tomorrow this time of year. if you are heading to the sacramento or san joaquin valley, expect fog. the futurecast for the bay area, we roll the atmosphere ahead for the next 24 hours. this is a lapse that should form. there is none right through tonight and tomorrow morning. we will go with severely clear over the bay area. forecasted highs in if 60s. # 6 at santa rosa. 61 in -- 66 at santa rosa.
9:17 am
64 in livermore. san jose 68. this afternoon game time temperature 60 degrees under sunny skies. weather will not be a factor. in the five-day forecast the numbers look like 60s much of the rest of the week until we get into midweek. then we will cool it down. maybe by next saturday we will begin to introduce a chance of rain into the bay area, but that is not until saturday. today looks good. the week looks good, so, have a good one. i think it should be pretty nice today. >> it would be nice. last week was so annoyingly chilly. it was cold! >> it but cold. tell it to the people in st. paul. >> yes. >> i am sorry they couldn't show up. it was cold and annoying here. this is good news. >> i found it annoying, too. i have been in california for more than ten years. i am desensitized. well, the housing market is hot, especially here in the bay area. we have premier reality here with us in the studio is.
9:18 am
>> we asked them are the prices too good to be true or are buyers really paying? and what is this about paying with cash? >> where you live in cran they have had 16 homes sold. out of those 6 were sold with cash and two are above a million dollar price range. actually was my own nest egg. >> when we are talking about people coming in with cash, we are talking investors, not people living in the home? >> actually, the international market is growing so that in 2013 there will be first time home buyers, international buyers and investors very effective in the market -- forgive in the heart attack. >> ac negative the arctic -- active in the arctic. >> are first time home buyers being priced out of the market?
9:19 am
>> that is not true. if you look at the market in the past four years, the equity market has grown from 30% to 60% of the market. the property has decreased from 60% to 20% of the market. and the inventory has gone down to about 40%. >> i am interested also in the -- we have the high end. in san francisco it will sell whether it is people from out of the country buying here to invest, put the money in a safe place, or people with money. what about in the antioch, pittsburg, stockton areas where we have had live subdivision foreclosures. are they being snapped back? >> that is an investor market, definitely. >> investor market. so, that has affected the communities because they will go from being homeowner
9:20 am
community to rentals. what impact do you think that may have? >> well, again, the impact of the investors, the investor market in that segment is growing. homeowners -- first a lot of first time homeowners are also moving to that area, as well, of course. >> now, the price right now, they are rising in a lot of the homes. the median price, the last word i heard was about $443,000, the highest jump in 25 years. >> yes. >> what does that mean as far as the creation of another housing bubble. could that be on the way? >> yes. we are expecting in 2013 the sale to jump town 1.5% in 2013. and the median home price to increase by 5.7% in california. >> are we headed for another bubble? should that be concerning at all? >> no. it is definitely a seller's market. price will go up. i will give you an example in
9:21 am
this current market. i am downsizing, right? i purchase the home at the end of december and in january i put my own home on the market. in two days you get an asking price. but the home i purchaseed in december has increased to $60,000, so, it is definitely the housing prices going up. >> it is one thing you can bet on in california. we go boom, bust, boom, bust and we never change our habits. >> it is free though to watch tomorrow's inauguration parade. and some may be willing to pay a little extra. coming up, the d.c. hotel that is hope some tourists are willing to spend major bucks on all things presidential. ,,,, for the new mattress models
9:22 am
but sleep train's huge year end clearance ,,,, is ending soon. for a short time, save hundreds on tempur-pedic mattresses. get the most highly-recommended bed in america at closeout prices. plus, get interest-free financing and free same-day delivery. why wait for the new models? sleep train's year end clearance is ending soon. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
9:23 am
national mall tomorrow to witness the second presidential inauguration. we turn to former mayor wile brown. and san francisco
9:24 am
chronicle's carla marinucci. our first question: are you feeling the buzz like you d four years ago? . all right. this is inaugural but four years ago it was the first. are you feeling the same buzz as four years ago? >> it doesn't have the same flavor. it was so unique four years ago and twice as many people desiring having tickets. that is not now the case. however there is a pride level equal to last time around not in terms of numbers. just the number of school did kids who want to be in attendance. those of us who raised money to put up a jumbotron in front of the fountain, there is still that pride. >> i am hear from a lot of people saying last time around it was about hope.
9:25 am
now it is about affirmation. the guy is there, and they want to keep the agenda moving forward. >> second terms do not tend to be good for presidents, governors or mayors. they just seem to go down. [ laughing ] >> well, maybe there are some exceptions, mayor! [ laughing ] >> you know that! >> at that stage of the game you understand that by the time you are finished, you disappointed a lot of people. every time there is an opportunity, there are 20 applicants and you select one. that means you have 19 ingreats. >> when you look at how president obama took over, his numbers are up from the first term. he is more popular and going into an era that he announced he will take the millions of people and use it to advance. usually the second term is the
9:26 am
downer but in this case president obama may say i will take it to the people, go after the republicans, go after gun, climate change, debt ceilings and immigration. >> and he has one more thing going for them. the republicans are in total disarray. they have gone in the wrong direction in the terms of candidates and issues. so, suddenly they are at war among themselves. >> and there is more to continue. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
9:27 am
9:28 am
this morning president obama to r his . okay. let's take look at this morning's top stories which just about half an hour ago president obama took an oath of office for his second term. the formal swearing in happened at the top of this hour. but the public ceremony, the biggy, is for tomorrow. >> meanwhile the san francisco 49ers face the atlanta falcons. if the 49ers win they get the ticket to the super bowl in new
9:29 am
orleans plus a chance to win the 6th super bowl. >> and the mavericks surf contest is going on in half- moon day and the sun is shining. >> yes. we will look for temperatures in the 60s in the bay area. in san francisco a forecast high in the low 60s. 63 oakland. 68 in san jose. it will be a beautiful one. >> you can't go wrong. technically you don't have to spend a dime to watch the presidential inauguration. >> yes. high rollers are banking on people that want to spend big bucks. the ritz-carlton has has a package for a luxury suite with monogrammed pillow cases and styling for the inaugural ball. the price is $100,000. and the hotel madison has a $47,000 package that include as car, driver and social media butler that will help you document it all. i guess that is the point, documentinit

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